Mission & Core Values

Our purpose is to provide a sound, competitive, high school athletic program that represents the town of Plainville in a positive manner and allows our student athletes the opportunity to develop physically, mentally, ethically and socially.

Core Values of the Plainville Athletics Department

These core values have been selected to best assist the department in achieving our vision of what a Blue Devil student athlete is. We always want our Blue Devil student athletes to be...

  • Accountable - Acting in a reliable and personally responsible manner while honoring our commitments. Holding oneself to specific expectations that have been set forth.
  • Competitive - Performing with excellent effort and great mental toughness no matter the task at hand by maintaining clear concentration.
  • Respectful - Behaving in an honest manner and consistently doing what is right.
  • Loyal - Behaving in a dedicated and reliable manner in all situations.
  • Motivated - Performing in a positive/confident manner by working hard and staying disciplined.
  • Appreciative - Behaving in an unselfish manner by staying humble and grateful.